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Good News! SnAPPnet has new features. We've added Provider and Group reports as well as the ability to track Form population and mailings. Questions? Feel free to email Member Services for assistance.

About SnAPPnet, Inc.

SnAPPnet, Inc. delivers innovative, web-based tools that help improve medical
practice productivity and profitability. SnAPPnet is a tool that meet the needs of
small- and medium-size health care practices.

We use the accessibility and convenience of the Internet to help health care
professionals save time and money, increase administrative efficiency and fuel practice growth. Specifically, we help health care professionals improve the tedious and time-consuming activity of forms management.

What differentiates us is our focus on delivering tools and resources that benefit the full range of health care professionals. Behind SnAPPnet is a team of professionals who have years of practical experience in health care and forms management.

Flexibility. Innovation. Service. Vision. . . the way we solve the business challenges medical practices face every day in this dynamic health care industry.

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