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Good News! SnAPPnet has new features. We've added Provider and Group reports as well as the ability to track Form population and mailings. Questions? Feel free to email Member Services for assistance.


The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about
SnAPPnet or SnAPPnet, Inc..  To find the information you want, either scan
through the list of Q&As below, which are organized by product, or simply select the category you want from the menu below and we'll take you right to that area.

If you have a specific question that is not answered below, please send us an email at Member Services.

Basics About SnAPPnet, Inc.

Q.  What is SnAPPnet, Inc.?

A.  SnAPPnet, Inc. delivers innovative, web-based tools and resources that make the business of managing a health care practice more affordable and efficient. We primarily serve small- and medium-size medical practices and currently offer SnAPPnet online for quick and easy form and application population.

Q.  How do I purchase your SnAPPnet?

A.   Currently, SnAPPnet can only be purchased by contacting Member Services

Credit Card purchases and processing will be offered in the near future for faster purchases and setup.

Q.  What if I have problems with your site?

A.   If you have any problems at any point, please send us an email at Member Services.   Please include a detailed explanation of your problem.

Q.   Does SnAPPnet, Inc. re-sell the data I submit if I purchase SnAPPnet?

A.  NO!. All the information that you provide to SnAPPnet, Inc. is kept confidential in accordance with the SnAPPnet Policies. Specifically, SnAPPnet, Inc. will never sell, rent or release your personal information including social security number, street address, telephone number, or e-mail address to a third party.

Q.   How do I know that my data is secure?

A.   SnAPPnet is as secure as most banking and securities trading sites. Customers can operate the site at 128-bit encryption or 40-bit encryption, depending on your preference and browser capabilities. In addition, we do not release your credentials file to anyone without your specific authority to do so.

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Q.  What is SnAPPnet?

A.   SnAPPnet is a dynamic application that makes it possible to pre-populate hundreds of forms and applications with just a few clicks of a button.

Q.  How does it work?

A.   You simply complete a comprehensive online profile that covers most of the practice data typically requested on credentialing, license and board applications, as well as other related forms. Once the profile is complete, all the data - over 1,000 pieces of information - is stored in a secure database that you can access anytime. You then have access to more than 600 forms in our Forms Library and with a few clicks of a button, your information automatically populates any selected form.

Q.   What if I need a form or application that is not in the SnAPPnet forms library?

A.   You can send a clean (i.e., no writing on it) original application, along with a telephone number for the organization that produced the form (if you have it) to:

SnAPPnet, Inc.
Attention: SnAPPnet Library
101 W. Renner Road, Suite 200
Richardson, TX 75082

Once we receive the application, we will make every effort to process it within 30 days (we must first obtain permission from the form's owner to use it). We will notify you via email or telephone once the form is available to use.

Q.  How many times can I re-use a form?

A.  You have unlimited access to our Forms Library for the year in which you have subscribed and therefore, won't need to re-use any form.

Q.  Can I update my information?

A.  Yes, you can update your information as often as you'd like.

Q.  Some credentialing information expires. Will I be responsible for keeping this information current?

A.  Yes.  As a general rule, it's a good idea to review your SnAPPnet profile at least quarterly to make sure everything is up-to-date. That way, you can ensure that every time you choose a form or application form our Library it will include all your current information.

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